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Round3 RWD RC Drifting SouthEast 2019 Championship

Round3 of the RWD RC Drifting SouthEast 2019 Championship will be held at the Slide Junkies home track in Swanscombe.

This event is part of a series consisting of 4 rounds at clubs across the southeast.

We are running 2 leagues PRO and AM. Anyone that has competed before will be in Pro and those less experienced drivers that haven’t competed before will be in AM. This is to not put the newer guys off getting involved in the competitions and so everyone should be up against drivers of a similar skill level.

Round 1 Slide Dynamics RC 2nd June
Round 2 Drift Essex 13th July
Round 3 Slide Junkies 31st August
Round 4 Final Slide Dynamics RC 20th October

£10 deposit for each session to be paid in advance to Deposit gets your name on the list then £15 on the day to the hosting club.
Top 3 scores count towards final position on the table. So is possible to drop 1 round and still score well.
We’ll be mixing things up a little to give everyone a good chance to score well and so top scorer doesnt go against bottm scorer. So top 16 qualifiers go straight through to battles. 16+will pull battle positions out of a hat. So winner of top and winner of the rest could both finish on the same points after round 1. Means tables should be tight going through the series and everyone has a good chance.
Main Rules:
Control tyre will be MST silver dots. Clean with no big scratches. Will have available at each event £10 if needed.
Motors will be limited to 9.5t as to not damage anyone’s carpet.


Full address is;

The Pavilion,

The Grove,


DA10 0AD

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