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3mm Banger Chassis LWB

3mm Countersunk Long Wheelbase Chassis.

3mm Countersunk Long Wheelbase Chassis for banger racing. Very strong indeed! You will have huge presence on the track with this chassis! Set at the recognised body length of 250mm wheelbase which suits Kamtecs range of long wheelbase bodies . This can be used with any Kamtec long wheelbase body ie Mk 10 Jag, DS 420 Hearse , Chevolet Impala , Daimler Majestic Limo , Jaguar XJ6 Limo . 57 Chevy out soon!!!! Uses standard body mounts for saloons but hearses will need a custom built rear mount. CNC punched for accuracy. 2mm version still available in our shop.The only long chassis on the market.


2 in stock



2 in stock

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