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Agile 10.5t

Product code: agile10.5t


It was equipped [M.F.C.S.] for the first time in the world as a motor for radio control.

The conventional brushless motor changes magnetic force by changing the distance with a rotor and a motor can by big things and small things of the rotor diameter and directs a characteristic as “RPM type” or “a Torque type”.
However, the capacity and weight of rotor in itself increases and decreases by a change of the rotor diameter. Therefore It had a problem that not only “RPM type” or “Torque type” the characteristic but also motor balance itself changes.
AGILE carried [M.F.C.S] and succeeded in both the diameter and the capacity changing only motor properties in the same option rotor.@
iNotation indicating the RPM type or Torque type were conventional rotor diameter. as for the carved new mark to the rotor shaft is “LV value”.
We enabled the change to “RPM type” or “Torque type” without spoiling the balance such as the weight moments of the standard motor set in the most suitable value.

The sharp design which has good-quality and high fighting power by simple line constitution.

This aluminum billet body adopted own designed structure and a cooling hall cut deep into boldly. It performs high efficiency and cooling performance.

Customizable body color.

They are prepared a transformation color jacket as optional parts for exclusive use of AGILE which can choose the coloring of Upper case, Bottom case and End bell freely.iTF Color Jacket It can create originality to the chassis and driver’s favorite.

“Tri-Blade” the brand-new billet cooling fan.

The rotor blade which produced a current of air in the inside is upsized and more lightweight.
It balanced rotary performance with ability for higher cooling.

Large-diameter bearing

It adopts a large-diameter type to a front bearing. then It improved the rotary direction and the durability. (Outer diameter: 12.700mm/ Inside diameter: 4.762mm )

Dual sensor connectors

AGILE has two places of sensor connectors. It improved the flexibility of the layout by placing a connector in the different direction.

Extended Advanced angle by Slip-way.

It extended advanced angle to 55 degrees, further high speed supports becoming it.

Shorter motor case

We shortened the motor case length 1.5mm and improved flexibility mounted with a vehicle.
(Compare with our products).

Attached terminal connectors.

The terminal connectorsifemale / OP-87513j had been attached from factory. We dispensed with the soldering work to the terminal part which became the trouble cause and reduced a blow by the heat conduction.

Hex screws for all

Hex screws for all We adopt Hex screws that use frequency is the highest when assemble RC car.


2 in stock (can be backordered)



2 in stock (can be backordered)

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