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FXX 2.0 S 1/10 scale RWD Electric Shaft Driven Car KIT

Product code: fxx2.0s

New integrated design of the MST development team inherits the centralized chassis configuration of the FXX 2.0 KMW center of gravity and the new great amount front suspension system closer to the real drift car. Using the system which is specific for rear-wheel drive drift car designed suspension is able to create a greater steering angle. Also introduced the MB rear suspension system for more rear steering wheel changes.The re-tuned secondary reduction ratio optimizes the control of the throttle. The new generation FXX 2.0S is amazingly progressive.


The MST development team hopes to present more controlling fun to the players!






Similar as the real drift car that using the FR configuration which makes the moving reaction more like real racing car.

A whole brand new design of CNC cutting chassis with readjusted portion of the gravity center for makes the chassis better weight distribution.

A newly motor basis design with new suspension system and ATK great steering angles upright.

The new integrated steering system with new aluminum alloy steering connection plate, the new geometric setting has a large front wheel steering angle, enable the vehicle a greater drift angle.

Equipped of new generation MB rear suspension system with the diverse adjustment mechanism can through change of gravity on the corner to makeby the body side tilt for the rear wheel steering, and to increase or decrease the tail slip force.

Steel CVD axle of rear transmission system

Standard realistic caliper and disc shape brake set


Available on back-order


  • Wheelbase
  • Width
  • Drive Mode
  • Caster
    Adjustable 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 degrees
  • Camber
    Adjustable 0 to -12 degrees


Available on back-order

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