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Product code: ne-st

In an effort to provide an answer to the ones saying “I do not know how to change the settings,” or “I can not find the best setting”, we created a device that will facilitate the use of the ESC’s capabilities, the “Ne-St (nest)”.
This product is a new sensory program controller which can transfer the setting data acquired by the top driver by accumulating tests of the XARVIS (Jarvis) with simple button operation.
Of course, possible settings change on the XARVIS main unit can be done more easily by intuitive operation with the Ne-St button while checking the indicator LED at hand

The setting data is acquired for many categories and road surface conditions.
For data transfer, simply connect the XARVIS and Ne-St’s LINK terminal with the supplied RX cable.
Feel free to carry around with a strap hole, easy to grasp stick type palm-sized compact body.
Easy and simple button operation.

Even those who are new to the system can enjoy high-level settings with expert drivers.


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Out of stock

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