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Twin Wheel Caravan and Chassis ABS

Caravan and Chassis

Caravan and Chassis for Banger Racing! New chassis provided takes all the work out of going Caravan racing.This caravan is designed as a twin wheel caravan! But you can also use it as a single wheel its up to you.Please state if you would like it twin or single wheeled.. All you need is an axle or two , spacers wheels and tyres . Predrilled for the axle. No bearings needed but you can drill out for them if you prefer. Just cut out the top and screw it together. All you need to do then is paint it and make a simple towing hitch. Kamtec Caravan made from 2mm ABS white plastic. This Caravan shell and Chassis has been designed to be used with a mardave V12 kit but it should work with most 1/12th scale kits including short version Tamiya M Chassis. The parts come in white ABS and are not painted or cut out. The dimensions of the caravan are 450mm long x 160mm wide and 140mm high. This body is designed for use in the very popular 1/12th scale Banger Racing series active in most parts of the country. If you have not seen this excellent form of racing please email us or look on BRCA website for clubs. This is as seen in the picture. It is an uncut , unpainted 2 piece moulding. Axle , wheels and tow hook device will need to be made up.


3 in stock



3 in stock

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